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Survey/Polls Results 03/18/2018 17:35:33 GMT, San Jose, CA

Survey Result 1
Do you want to share in decision making with your representative?
YES 14704 out of 18085 households (81%)
NO 1005 out of 18085 households (5%)
STOP 2342 out of 18085 (12%)

Survey Result 2

Do you support life-deeded affordable housing whence you and your family live there until you die? For Seniors, you can sell your existing home and apply for these affordable units and really retire. For millennials, you can have a peace of mind to work and know you have a place for a life time unless you make it BIG!
YES 15281 out of 15790 households (96%)
NO 207 out of 15790 households (1%)
STOP 296 out of 15790 (1%)

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A household can have more than one vote based on registered voters and members of household.
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